Finding ways to get in good reading practice


I’ve decided that in my quest to reach the level of reading I did when I was in high school, I’d attack a Spanish blog.

The one I found is Libro de notas. From what I can tell it covers a variety of topics– yes, very vague description, but that goes to show how much my Spanish has dwindled 😦 .  Hopefully, with time and practice I’ll be able to read it like the other blogs I have in my Google Reader AND be able to tell you what the posts are about (at the moment I can only read fragments and get the gist of the post).

I am also using LingQ to practice my reading and translating skills.  This way I will be able to pick up new vocabulary.  I am new to LingQ but it works perfectly for languages in which I have a basic understanding (namely French and Spanish), I looked at the Swedish section and realized one of the downsides to LingQ is that it works at best when you do have that basic understanding.  I have zero knowledge of Swedish and even though the article I was looking at dealt with basics such as greetings, the pronunciation, grammar, and words were just beyond my brain.

The same is happening a bit with Japanese, and so I’ve made some accommodations. I just use LingQ for translating articles into hiragana (from romanji) until I get some grammar under my belt.   Then I will be able to use LingQ for Japanese as thoroughly as I do Spanish.


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