This week’s objectives


First, before I include this week’s objectives, I will just say that last week was a little disorganized but I did have one success. I am finally able to move on to learning Kanji. It is fun so far!

Last night I upgraded my membership on LingQ, and am now a basic member. I really thought about whether or not to do it since the free membership was okay. But my needs are growing and I want to win some free points. It’s a very motivating rewards system they have over there.

Also I should mention that I’ve sort of taken two steps back with Spanish. I needed to regroup and find a way to have a measure of what I’m doing. Again, LingQ comes to the rescue (I should mention that I have no relationship with LingQ other than being a member. It’s just that I get excited sometimes).

This week:

Japanese: Memorize first ten Kanji. I’m using the JLPT (level 4) as my guide, and so I am going to master the numbers 1-10 first. Along the way, I’ve actually picked up other kanji from level 4 as well. Very nice.

Spanish: Read “El Poder del linguista” parts 1-6, listen to each part twice, and memorize the vocabulary.

Now that I can have more active assignments with LingQ, I was tempted to add in French, but I stopped myself. This is enough for the week and I’m off to a good start (especially since I have three exams and two papers that have to be completed between Monday and Wednesday).

Edited: I will also mention that once I finish watching Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shiche Henge is the Japanese title), I will write a review on it.


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