Weekly Objectives


It’s near midnight, but I did not forget to post my weekly objectives.

I’m very proud of myself. I met my objectives. I’m really motivated to get as many points as I can in LingQ to get on the honor roll. I’m a bit worried that I’m more concerned about the points than learning, so I’m pushing myself but making sure I learn at the same time. I’ve got 412 points at the moment. Last honor roll, the 25th (last on the honor roll) person had almost 700 points. Nonetheless, whether I make it or not I’ve done pretty well in the past couple of weeks. The Spanish has really helped me rack up points (also reading a little French and Italian!), but I’m taking it easy with the Japanese.  However, I can see an improvement  with Japanese already.  I’m able to pick up words and short sentences, and I can even read a little.  I’m still not comfortable stringing my own sentences together which means that I need to study grammar!

I’m even more motivated now because I have the new 2008 Moleskine daily planner and will utilize it to the fullest so I can reach all of my goals.  I might do a post on how I set it up (a New Years Resolution sort of thing).

This Week:

Spanish: Read and complete “Los Ratones y el Gato”and  “Bitácora de Alejandro, Cinco Grandes Razones Para Aprender Español”.  Write half a page in Spanish using words I’ve learned.

Japanese: Continue studying new kanji.  I’m also going to go on a hunt for a good book on particles.

It’s short and sweet, but also because I have a lot of blogging to do this week!

Happy Holidays!


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