New Year, New Ideas



I’ve been trying to get prepared for when classes kick back in, as well as trying to find a way to balance my language learning.  My idea with Japanese is to learn one kanji a day (20 over a course of the month) and I have each kanji I’m going to learn written in my 2008 Moleskine day planner. 

To make sure this blog doesn’t stall, I am going to try a new blog planning idea and keep my blogging to twice a week (between academics, language learning, and other responsibilities this will be more manageable).  Each week, I will do one language piece and one piece on a culture that I am interested in.  That will give me ample time to organize my thoughts and do any research needed.

This week I WILL do the anime review (I do apologize for this procrastination) and will do a short write-up of how to write and read Japanese Kanji and Kana on Windows XP.  If I can find other resources that show how to write and read on other operating systems I will post about those (as part of a series) as well.


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