Anime Review: Wallflower



I will start off with a disclaimer that I am NOT a professional anime reviewer , I’m just telling you what I think.   I watched this anime without reading the manga, so everything I say is based solely on the anime. 

Overall, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), I would give this anime a five and a half.

540So what is this anime about?  Four pretty boys must turn their landlord’s niece into a lady or face paying the rent.  That’s the premise of the anime.  The main character (and the girl that must be turned into a lady), Sunako Nakahara, doesn’t think she is pretty and has a self-defeated attitude.  Her interests include very gory movies, bloody things, cooking, chocolate, and her “friends” which include a science lab mannequin and a skeleton.  Sunako’s obsession with morbid things brings a lot of humor to the show. She spends most of her time in chibi form (much to the dismay of some Veoh commenters) unless threatened. 

The show is hilarious, but most of the time I wondered when there was going to be any real plot.  This is mainly because the four boys hardly got anywhere with transforming Sunako into a lady.  The focus, it seemed, was on their fun adventures including a trip to the hot springs that ends up as a crime scene and the sport festival at their school. 

There is a “moral of the story” lining, but it was overshadowed by the comedy and felt more like an underdeveloped sub-plot.  The ending is also a let down, but possibly because the manga is still being published. 

The most interesting character is Kyohei Takano (the main blonde one).  His character shows the downside of being too beautiful.  He has dealt with sexual harassment, stalker-esque fan girls, and a mother who abandoned him.  Unlike his friends, he doesn’t like the attention (perhaps because of past experiences).  A romance between Kyohei and Sunako is hinted at but not developed.  

My favorite episode is episode 5 when Sunako is tricked into doing a photo shoot at a haunted house by a photographer.  Sunako’s morbid side shows as she is enamored with the haunted house.  Poor Yuki (the shorter blonde and the most “adorable” of the four boys) is once again dressed as a girl. 

The anime is well-drawn, though the way the characters were drawn is a bit different than I’m accustomed to– the only other anime I’ve seen with this style is in Paradise Kiss.  It’s different in a good way, however.

I started out with high hopes for this anime, but was disappointed.  However, it hasn’t stopped me from reading the manga which will hopefully fill in any holes in the anime. 


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