Book Review: English Grammar for Students of Japanese


I found the most interesting Japanese grammar book ever. Everything is written in English and the Japanese that is used is written in roma-ji. It compares English grammar and Japanese grammar, so it’s like learning both at the same time— or rather improving your English grammar while learning Japanese grammar. While improving in your own language isn’t the intent of the book it is a side effect so to speak.

Japanese particles are said to be one of the more confusing bits about Japanese grammar, however, this book explains about particular particles as needed. For instance particles in relation to pronouns and nouns. I find the explanations easy to follow and that makes me very happy! Now some things I already know are starting to make sense, such as the difference between “watashi wa” and “watashi no”. I already knew what they meant and how to use them, but I also know how the particles change their meaning/usage. Of course this is only the surface and I have much more to learn.

The book is set up in a logical fashion and so I’m not using it as a reference book but reading it page-by-page and making notes, highlighting, and creating index cards as I go through the book. There are practice exercises at the end of the sections to make sure you understand the concepts.

It also isn’t meant to be the only grammar book you use as it sometimes says, “refer to your Japanese book for more information” in some instances which can get a little annoying. I don’t have an actual textbook, so I’ll go to the Japanese site at which helps a lot.

I’m still getting through the book bit-by-bit, which is the approach I am taking with learning Japanese. Sometimes you get absolutely nowhere if you try to force it or if you try to take on too much.

Here it is at Amazon


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