MV for theme song to Romantic Princess


Romantic Princess is a Taiwanese drama about a girl who finds out she is adopted and is the granddaughter of a very wealth man (think modern-day royalty). You’d think it was a dream come true (she always wanted more money and a fairy-tale sort of life) but it’s not. Her “prince”, the successor of her grandfather, is no prince charming!

The theme song “Xin wo” is sung by two of my favorite Taiwanese groups, Fahrenheit and S.H.E. I wanted to share with you their really cute video. Also, two of the guys from Fahrenheit (Wu Chun and Calvin Chen) are in the drama and are both really cute. I found this one on Veoh.

The lead actress, Angela Zhang, also does a few songs for the drama as well (found on youtube):

Bu Xiang Dong De (ending theme song)


One Response to “MV for theme song to Romantic Princess”

  1. romantic princess os really cool

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