This Weekend’s Purchases and my New Obsession


I was in charge of facilitating organizations for a fundraising fair this weekend and made myself at home. I visited all the tables and eventually bought something from each. But, I couldn’t stop going back to two particular tables. One table sold embroidered bags and wallets from Nepal, Chinese fans, and jewelry also from Nepal. The other table sold cell phone charms, bangles, and rose perfume in pretty Bulgarian bottles. I ended up purchasing two cell phone charms, a bunch of bangles, and a Chinese fan. I was enticed by one cell phone charm which had Chinese characters on it, lit up when your phone rang, and also represented a sign on the zodiac. Unfortunately, they didn’t have Virgo, but I was VERY tempted to by the Leo one.

I also had a language learning experience. The person selling the cell phone charms and bracelets is an acquaintance of mine. She taught me how to say “Thank You” in Chinese, and told me I had good pronunciation. I always pay attention to the way things are pronounced in dramas, so perhaps it paid off?

Below are a few of my purchases (I’m not a photography expert, obviously). I would like to know what the box says (second picture)– it is what the fan came in.

S3000010 S3000012 S3000017 S3000018

Admittedly, I was inspired to buy cell phone charms because I’d see them on some of the dramas/commercials I watched. So now, I’ve got a new obsession (move over bento lunch boxes!). It’s time to hunt for cell phone charms!


Accessory Geeks

Amazon sells them too!

Edited: Last year a Korean exchange student gave me a postcard and a little present. For the longest I couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be. Then just now I realized that it was also a cell phone charm! I’m trying to see if I can fit it on my cell phone with the other two. See picture below:



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