So, I’ve been “busy” reading Sujata Massey mystery novels which I highly recommend!!! They are sooo good. I’m waiting for the third book to get here. The tenth and final book, “Shimura Troubles” hits the States in May. I don’t know if I’ll be up to that number by then (with classes getting in the way!), but I’ve made a promise to buy the book the day it comes out (or pre-ordering it on amazon). It’s my way to support the author. I’ve been reading the books through my college’s interlibrary loan, but I have definitely put these books on my to buy list.

I’m looking for another resource that is good for studying Japanese grammar. Those little tabs at the top of my blog still have their *Coming soon*, it’s partially due to my laziness and partially due to my inability to stick with one (or few) learning tool so I should have quite a few resources for you.

In other news, I’ve picked up Japanese art (in particular Ukiyo art, and contemporary art by artists such as Ai Yamaguchi). I’m one of those people who have too many interests, obviously. I’m trying to contain it all. I have a lot I would like to share, but I think it best if I save it for several blog postings versus trying to stuff it into one.

I’ve given up on blog schedules and organization, unless anyone complains….

I should also mention that my most popular posts (with the most views) are those related to the TW-drama “Romantic Princess” and being able to write/read Japanese on XP. This is duly noted and will be taken into consideration with future posts (the list of things to write about gets longer and longer).


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