More Updates and some ‘Antique Bakery’ goodies


Last night I had the craziest dream that I was in South Korea. I felt like I was in the middle of some weird thriller/mystery on the set of a Korean drama/movie (think Scooby-Doo mysteries). I was speaking in Korean and could understand what people were saying. Crazy, huh? It prompted me to update the resources section with some links to guides and other resources. Check it out. Slowly it’s growing.

Antique Bakery is a South Korean film that hasn’t yet made it’s debut. I’m eagerly awaiting it, as it has one of my favorite actors–Joo Ji Hoon— in it. I have a friend who lives in South Korea and she let me know that release has been delayed. However, she sent me a link to a blog with some promotional pictures. I was frightened by Joo Ji Hoon’s weird mustache he is sporting for the film. Nonetheless, I can’t wait.

In dedication to Joo Ji Hoon here is a Youtube slideshow (with awesome music) of him.


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