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Here is a link to a channel on Veoh that has up to episode 11 of Romantic Princess.  I think all of the episodes have been uploaded in Spanish on Veoh. So if you are desparate (I know I am) to watch the the remaining 2 episodes and are fluent or know some Spanish, just […]

Autodidactic means self-learning or self-education; an autodidact is someone who is self-educated (on a subject or in schooling).  This blog is becoming more about the process of discovering and uncovering languages and cultures— hence the title “The Pursuit of Language and Culture”.  I’m trying to teach myself about the languages and cultures that interest me. […]

Ever since I started reading Sujata Massey’s mystery novels I’ve taken an instant liking to mysteries that occur outside of the United States.  Right now, I’m waiting for my shipment from which includes the first novel from Cara Black Murder in the Marais (Aimee Leduc Investigation) and in my wishlist is Bangkok 8 by […]