Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here…it’s almost time for the new year!  I have gotten majorly sidetracked with new blogs, new classes, new projects, and so forth.  I haven’t completely given up on this blog, I just need to (once again!) decide the direction to take.

Next semester, I will be doing an independent study on Japanese and South Korean film.  This ought to be interesting.  I’ll have a bit more free time as well.  I always have to tell myself to buckle down if I’m serious about something.  It usually lasts for a bit.  I think I will put up my blog resolutions on here before the end of the year to celebrate my one year blog anniversary (which consisted of much dissaray!).  Stay with me please!


*I was recently given a lot of new manga by a friend! Several series (some incomplete) including X-Day, Mars, and Paradise Kiss.

*I bought a region-free DVD player so that I can officially buy all of those nice movies that aren’t licensed in the States.  I plan on building up a nice DVD collection!

*I fell off the language bandwagon and have decided to go back to Korean ^_^


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