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Here is a link to a channel on Veoh that has up to episode 11 of Romantic Princess.  I think all of the episodes have been uploaded in Spanish on Veoh. So if you are desparate (I know I am) to watch the the remaining 2 episodes and are fluent or know some Spanish, just […]

Itazura na Kiss


I just got finished watching the 9-episode Japanese drama, Itazura na Kiss.  It’s a drama from 1996 (I’ve never seen a Japanese drama from the 90s, so it was…enlightening). Of course, this is in between all of my responsibilities– which have increased and are the reason why I haven’t posted.  However, It’s really nice to […]

Romantic Princess is a Taiwanese drama about a girl who finds out she is adopted and is the granddaughter of a very wealth man (think modern-day royalty). You’d think it was a dream come true (she always wanted more money and a fairy-tale sort of life) but it’s not. Her “prince”, the successor of her […]

In the entertainment department, I’m looking for some new Japanese dramas to watch (my all-time favorite is きみはペット or You are my pet, I also love the manga). This is not only because I like them, but because it will help with my listening skills. I saw a few clips of 風林火山 (Fuurin Kazan), and […]