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Akira’s Hip Hop shop I’m in the middle of watching a short film that revolves around the interracial relationship between a Japanese man and a black woman.  I can’t say whether I like it or not, since obviously I haven’t seen it yet but it’s been floating around some of my favorite blogs and I […]

It took me longer than I thought to read “Kamikaze Girls” but I’ve finally finished it (it’s one of many reasons I haven’t blogged in a bit).  I have a short review on Amazon of the novel, but am in the middle of writing up a, hopefully, more detailed review of the novel for this […]

Ever since I started reading Sujata Massey’s mystery novels I’ve taken an instant liking to mysteries that occur outside of the United States.  Right now, I’m waiting for my shipment from which includes the first novel from Cara Black Murder in the Marais (Aimee Leduc Investigation) and in my wishlist is Bangkok 8 by […]

My Netflix List


International films on my Netflix list (in order): *Note that I’ve linked the movies to summaries of them just in case someone out there in cyberspace is interested.  The titles are mostly the English version titles. Kamikaze Girls– Japanese film Fear and Trembling– French/Japanese film (highly recommended!) Vibrator– Japanese film Moon Child-Japanese film (who can […]

I’ve updated the “fun stuff” page. In it you’ll find some of my favorite sites including a few downloading sites if you like to play Sims 2. I’m in the middle of going through all of my personal book marks so more will be added, and I will also add other links in the other […]



I hadn’t realized so many days had gone since I posted! I got moved into my new apartment and am beginning summer classes so things will settle soon.  Just to make it up, I’ll put up some links to some nice videos! Amuro Namie – 60s70s80s S.H.E. ft. Fahrenheit – Xie Xie Ni De Wen […]

Obviously, fiction is my new obsession.  I’ve landed across a book list on amazon that has some really great-sounding novels.  The list was not created by me, but I wanted to share it anyway.  The novels go beyond (but do include) Japanese, so if you want more than Japanese fiction this is a good starting […]