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It’s near midnight, but I did not forget to post my weekly objectives. I’m very proud of myself. I met my objectives. I’m really motivated to get as many points as I can in LingQ to get on the honor roll. I’m a bit worried that I’m more concerned about the points than learning, so […]

Although I did get through a lot of my Spanish, I didn’t complete it all.  With Japanese, I made it halfway.  I wrote down all possible reasons (and their solutions) for not reaching my objectives.  Since I’m done with classes for the time being and don’t have much else to do there is no excuse […]

First, before I include this week’s objectives, I will just say that last week was a little disorganized but I did have one success. I am finally able to move on to learning Kanji. It is fun so far! Last night I upgraded my membership on LingQ, and am now a basic member. I really […]

Making my Way


I’m trying not to get excited (I’m sure that something will come along to burst my bubble), but I’ve made a tiny dent in my Japanese. I was supposed to focus on learning the katakana, but found myself wanting to work on vocabulary and grammar instead. So I took a very simple text from LingQ […]