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Akira’s Hip Hop shop I’m in the middle of watching a short film that revolves around the interracial relationship between a Japanese man and a black woman.  I can’t say whether I like it or not, since obviously I haven’t seen it yet but it’s been floating around some of my favorite blogs and I […]


I found these awesome destination charm necklaces at Urban Outfitters, and right now the Venice and Tokyo ones in my shopping cart.  I have a long history and love of Italy, and at one point in my many language adventures tried to actually take up Italian. I have vivid memories of meeting Italian nuns, eating […]


I have finally enrolled myself into the Japanese classes offered at my college. I realized I needed the discipline that classes would give me so that I can get over my hump of not feeling like I’m getting anywhere. I will be entering my FIFTH and final year of college, hopefully taking a year of […]


So, I’ve been “busy” reading Sujata Massey mystery novels which I highly recommend!!! They are sooo good. I’m waiting for the third book to get here. The tenth and final book, “Shimura Troubles” hits the States in May. I don’t know if I’ll be up to that number by then (with classes getting in the […]

I have finished Vibrator by Mari Akasaka which was a relatively short read but very good nonetheless.  It is one of those books you have to read twice because there is a lot of stream-of-conscious type of writing (the POV is first person, and the main character is a little crazy!) and sometimes I found […]

Reading List


I decided I was going to dive into the world of Japanese and Korean contemporary novels. The first book on my list is Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I’ve also gotten two other books through my college’s interlibrary loan, so hopefully they come soon. I got Vibrator: A Novel by Mari Akasaka and […]

Itazura na Kiss


I just got finished watching the 9-episode Japanese drama, Itazura na Kiss.  It’s a drama from 1996 (I’ve never seen a Japanese drama from the 90s, so it was…enlightening). Of course, this is in between all of my responsibilities– which have increased and are the reason why I haven’t posted.  However, It’s really nice to […]