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I decided I was going to dive into the world of Japanese and Korean contemporary novels. The first book on my list is Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I’ve also gotten two other books through my college’s interlibrary loan, so hopefully they come soon. I got Vibrator: A Novel by Mari Akasaka and […]

I was in charge of facilitating organizations for a fundraising fair this weekend and made myself at home. I visited all the tables and eventually bought something from each. But, I couldn’t stop going back to two particular tables. One table sold embroidered bags and wallets from Nepal, Chinese fans, and jewelry also from Nepal. […]

I watched the first ten-minute episode of “Let’s Speak Korean!” on Veoh this morning.   If you are interested in this, I highly suggest you understand and know Hangeul.  But even if you don’t know Hangeul, it’s still interesting so have a look. For all of the videos, go here.