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BYKI (Before you Know It) is a nifty little program that allows you to create, upload, and download lists for 64 different languages. The free version (which I am using) is excellent. You can’t create lists but you can download lists that others have created. For example, the Japanese and Korean lists, which I am […]

I found the most interesting Japanese grammar book ever. Everything is written in English and the Japanese that is used is written in roma-ji. It compares English grammar and Japanese grammar, so it’s like learning both at the same time— or rather improving your English grammar while learning Japanese grammar. While improving in your own […]

  I will start off with a disclaimer that I am NOT a professional anime reviewer , I’m just telling you what I think.   I watched this anime without reading the manga, so everything I say is based solely on the anime.  Overall, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), I would give […]