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I hadn’t realized so many days had gone since I posted! I got moved into my new apartment and am beginning summer classes so things will settle soon.  Just to make it up, I’ll put up some links to some nice videos! Amuro Namie – 60s70s80s S.H.E. ft. Fahrenheit – Xie Xie Ni De Wen […]

Itazura na Kiss


I just got finished watching the 9-episode Japanese drama, Itazura na Kiss.  It’s a drama from 1996 (I’ve never seen a Japanese drama from the 90s, so it was…enlightening). Of course, this is in between all of my responsibilities– which have increased and are the reason why I haven’t posted.  However, It’s really nice to […]

Romantic Princess is a Taiwanese drama about a girl who finds out she is adopted and is the granddaughter of a very wealth man (think modern-day royalty). You’d think it was a dream come true (she always wanted more money and a fairy-tale sort of life) but it’s not. Her “prince”, the successor of her […]

Let’s Learn Japanese! is on Veoh.  For this one, you have to be a member and download the Veoh player to watch the entire version.  All episodes are on there.    It’s quick and easy. These television series (the two that I’ve linked to so far) are really interesting and a great way to practice your […]

I watched the first ten-minute episode of “Let’s Speak Korean!” on Veoh this morning.   If you are interested in this, I highly suggest you understand and know Hangeul.  But even if you don’t know Hangeul, it’s still interesting so have a look. For all of the videos, go here.