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Let’s Learn Japanese! is on Veoh.  For this one, you have to be a member and download the Veoh player to watch the entire version.  All episodes are on there.    It’s quick and easy. These television series (the two that I’ve linked to so far) are really interesting and a great way to practice your […]

I watched the first ten-minute episode of “Let’s Speak Korean!” on Veoh this morning.   If you are interested in this, I highly suggest you understand and know Hangeul.  But even if you don’t know Hangeul, it’s still interesting so have a look. For all of the videos, go here.

In the entertainment department, I’m looking for some new Japanese dramas to watch (my all-time favorite is きみはペット or You are my pet, I also love the manga). This is not only because I like them, but because it will help with my listening skills. I saw a few clips of 風林火山 (Fuurin Kazan), and […]

This post was supposed to publish on Sunday, but I’m still figuring out Windows Live Writer.  Anyway, to help further my japanese learning and practice my japanese writing (when on the computer), I searched for a way to read Japanese on the web and be able to  type in Japanese.  Rather than re-write what others […]

  I will start off with a disclaimer that I am NOT a professional anime reviewer , I’m just telling you what I think.   I watched this anime without reading the manga, so everything I say is based solely on the anime.  Overall, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), I would give […]

  I’ve been trying to get prepared for when classes kick back in, as well as trying to find a way to balance my language learning.  My idea with Japanese is to learn one kanji a day (20 over a course of the month) and I have each kanji I’m going to learn written in […]