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I have finally enrolled myself into the Japanese classes offered at my college. I realized I needed the discipline that classes would give me so that I can get over my hump of not feeling like I’m getting anywhere. I will be entering my FIFTH and final year of college, hopefully taking a year of […]

Obviously, fiction is my new obsession.  I’ve landed across a book list on amazon that has some really great-sounding novels.  The list was not created by me, but I wanted to share it anyway.  The novels go beyond (but do include) Japanese, so if you want more than Japanese fiction this is a good starting […]


So, I’ve been “busy” reading Sujata Massey mystery novels which I highly recommend!!! They are sooo good. I’m waiting for the third book to get here. The tenth and final book, “Shimura Troubles” hits the States in May. I don’t know if I’ll be up to that number by then (with classes getting in the […]

I have finished Vibrator by Mari Akasaka which was a relatively short read but very good nonetheless.  It is one of those books you have to read twice because there is a lot of stream-of-conscious type of writing (the POV is first person, and the main character is a little crazy!) and sometimes I found […]